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Multi-packs represent the very best in value when purchasing lamps in bulk and mean you are fully stocked for large scale electrical projects and refits. We have an extensive range of multipacks in a huge range of types, colours and caps.

Lighting is a vital element when planning a renovation or refit and spotlights are useful for adding an even distribution of light, where task-orientated lighting is required. Dimmable and colour-changing lamps will help create mood lighting whereas medium or flood beam lamps will ensure consistent powerful lighting precisely where it is required, such as over sinks or work stations that will be heavily in use.

As more and more LED lamps come on to the market it is important to consider the lumens and kelvins not just the watts when looking at the overall efficacy of a lamp. Watts refer to the amount of power used by a traditional incandescent or halogen bulb and LEDs power output and brightness is measured by lumens. Kelvins give an indication of colour temperature so warm white is roughly 2700k-3000k, cool white is around 4000k and daylight 6000k and above. When selecting lamps it is important to consider the light temperature and how this will work with the intended use of the space. i.e. for a bar or lobby you may want to consider warm white candle lamps whereas cool white light is better suited to office environments, kitchens and workshops.

We have a wide range of amazing value packs below, which is the most economical way to purchase multiple lamps.