Solar Fairy Lights

Solar fairy lights offer great value together with a multitude of lighting possibilities, thanks to being driven by LED technology. Once purchased these lights won’t cost you a penny to run as they are powered by the Sun. The included solar panel captures the Sun’s energy and stores it ready to power the lights. Contrary to popular belief, the modest solar panels required for powering LED lights do not require sunshine - they’ll gather plenty of energy on an overcast day.

Having collected enough solar-powered energy during the daytime to drive the lights all night, a ‘dusk to dawn’ photocell is sometimes present to ensure that your outdoor fairy lights are only in use when the Sun has gone down! Typically you’ll be able to override this capability and switch them off (or on) as required.

The fact that these lights are not restricted by mains requirements means that they can be creatively used in pretty much any outdoor location. Trees, bushes, fences and garden features are just a few of the potential places that you could give the fairy light treatment, making these super effiecient and fun lights ideal for celebrations, or simply adding an extra feature or two to your outdoors.

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