Security Lights

Security lights tend to do the rounds as far as their use of technology goes, especially with all the flexibility in design that they afford. Good old fashioned halogens tend to be cheapest, and they produce a strong, effective light that is sure to illuminate your property effectively. Fluorescent lamps are also used in security fittings, with the long-lasting benefits that they bring, and even further up the eco-friendly scale there are LED lights.

One of the side-doors opened up by low-powered LEDs is the facilitation of solar powered night lights. LEDs sip up so little energy that a solar panel can provide enough impetus to light your outdoor space every single night, regardless of the day-time weather.

PIR sensors

Security lights differ greatly in design, but many of them have a PIR sensor in common. A PIR sensor, or passive infrared sensor, detects motion and triggers a security light for what is usually a predefined period of time. These sensors typically have a range of about 8-12 metres when placed at an optimum height. They’re also often further modifiable by the presence of a photocell, which detects ambient light and only allows the PIR sensor to operate above a certain level.

Some security fittings skip the PIR sensor and use a photocell alone to trigger lighting from dusk to dawn. The light sensor can typically be adjusted to illuminate your property only beyond a certain level of darkness, so you needn’t waste electricity in the early half-light!

Welcome home

Security fittings often serve the double purpose of deterring intruders and providing useful illumination for the legitimate owner of the house! If you’ve ever stumbled up a pitch black garden path, fumbling for your keys and maybe knocking your shin on the garden wall, you’ll immediately recognise the potential of a welcoming light that helps you get indoors quickly and safely! Some security lights are homely affairs - not so much foreboding floodlights but rather a welcoming wall light near a front door or in a porch. Some of them are even decorative! Bulkhead, floodlight or decorative luminaire: you’ll find them all in our security lighting section.

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