PIR Wall Lights - Black - Grey

Security lights with passive infrared motion senor detectors comes in all shapes and sizes, and often utilise any of the three more popular lighting technologies: halogen, LED, or energy-saving fluorescent. Usually you’ll be able to pre-set the duration of light output and sometimes a ‘dusk to dawn’ photocell is also present, so you can set the lamp to only be triggered when ambient light falls below a certain level.

Lyco’s range of security lights includes anything from a coach lantern - ideal for residential use - to more workmanlike floodlights or bulkheads. In addition to being effective security lights these fittings are ideal in areas of a workplace where illumination isn’t required non-stop. A powerful halogen floodlight, for instance, which will guzzle power if left on permanently, might be a more viable proposition if it can switch on and off automatically.

Initial investment, running costs

Halogen lamps are often very affordable up-front, and they produce an extremely high quality light with peerless incandescent colour accuracy. The downside is always their relatively poor level of energy-efficiency and consequent high running costs by comparison to CFL lights or LED. Halogen lamps are also much shorter lived - typically 2,000 hours as opposed to 15,000 hours in many fluorescent lamps and up to 50,000 hours in LED lamps.

Solar-powered LED Lights

LED technology is continually under development, particularly in areas such as lumens per watt performance. Already in recent years it has come a long way, and the coupling of LED with solar panels is a particularly exciting development. With LED lights being so low-powered, a solar panel can easily gather enough power by day to run an LED light fitting all night. Thus it is that we now have a choice of solar-powered LED security lights, outdoor spotlights, porch lights and garden lights.

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