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We are entering into a new era of lighting, with development going on all the time to make lamps more energy-efficient and also more flexible. The various lighting technologies are being whittled into something eminently more usable for the 21st Century, with inventive ideas ranging from designer fluorescent bulbs to bendy LED flexistrips. The intensive R&D going on in the lighting industry is opening doors in all directions, and when the core technology changes, so does the potential in the end-product.

The advantage of our ‘new indoor lighting’ website category is that you’ll always find the latest in design and technology within. Visit these pages for up-to-the-minute lighting creations from leading craftsmen and manufacturers. Our ‘new’ section is the next step down from ‘news’, with our product managers continually scouring the globe for the latest in state-of-the-art products and technologies. Whether your motives for change are driven by aesthetics or are purely pragmatic, look in our ‘New Indoor Lighting’ section for fresh, innovative ideas.

Old-fashioned values

At Lyco we have our fingers on the pulse of lighting technology and design, but when it comes to customer-service you might say our ideas are old-school. We believe in a high level of pre and after sales care, and in offering help and advice where it’s needed. We are a seasoned company and not a fly-by-night internet enterprise that’ll leave you in the lurch! For your convenience, our expected delivery time for any product is prominently provided, with next working-day delivery being possible in the vast majority of cases. Come to Lyco for your lighting and business-supply needs—we are the complete package!