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LED T8 tubes were created as a modern replacement for incandescent or fluorescent tubes and offer real cost savings in terms of their performance, maintenance and life span. They tend to use around half the energy of an equivalent fluorescent and have impressive life spans of 15,000 hours and upwards in many cases. More environmentally friendly than their fluorescent counterparts, LED is a technology that is easy to recycle at the end of its useful life, whereas fluorescent lights require controlled disposal.


As in any LED vs. fluorescent comparison, one of the advantages in replacing fluorescent lighting with LED technology is that LEDs require no ‘warm up’ time - you get instantaneous light at full capacity. With fluorescent lighting, the light intensity is delayed whilst the mercury vapour pressure increases. T8 tubes also deliver excellent colour rendering capabilities, bringing out details in objects such as furniture and clothes, so are ideal to use in retail premises, schools and offices.

Naming convention

The T8 tube is named after the diameter of the tube. Eighths of an inch are the increment in play, so multiply an eighth by eight (T8) and you arrive at a one-inch diameter. A T5 tube would be 5/8ths of an inch and a T4 4/8ths.

There’s white, and then there’s white

Our T8s come in a variety of wattages, from as low as 9W all the way up to 32W, and are available in a choice of 4000K cool white or 6400K daylight balanced output. Unlike traditional fluorescent tube lamps that tend to produce harsh, artificial lighting, LEDs can often produce a much more natural lighting effect, similar to daylight. Whatever model you go for, our LED T8 tubes make a great choice for a variety of applications.