LED MR16 Spotlights

LED low-voltage spotlights are an attractive retrofitting alternative to halogen LV reflectors, offering an 80-90% improvement in energy-efficiency and a massively increased lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. These lamps will save significant sums of money in reduced running and maintenance costs.

Other advantages of LED spotlights over halogen include:

  • Naturally directional output with very little spilled light.
  • Relatively cool-running with negligible levels of IR heat.
  • Shock-proof and vibration-proof.


Our selection of LED low-voltage spotlights is broadly compatible with existing LV transformers, and includes dimmable and non-dimmable models (the transformer must also be dimmable if this control is required). Choice of LED beam-angles is less diverse than in halogen low-voltage spotlights, though a wider range of colour temperatures (CCTs) is possible.

Colour rendering

In terms of colour rendering, LED low-voltage spotlights have a minimum CRI 80 score for high quality colour, which is suitable for most general-purpose uses. This is an area of LED lighting that is continually being improved, with products already on the market with CRI 90 scores and over for specialist colour-critical applications.

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