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  1. 4W RGB Colour Changing LED GU10 Bulb

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Our range of LED GU10 bulbs are designed to replace the popular 'twist and lock' halogen reflectors. The very latest in illumination technology, these energy saving light bulbs are environmentally friendly. For more details of switching and the benefits take a look at our GU10 LED bulbs - time to upgrade feature.

This type of bulb operates at a fraction of the wattage of its halogen counterparts, making it ideal for the lighting of sensitive objects, or for long durations, since it generates virtually no heat. Replacing your existing halogens with these LED bulbs is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint.

GU10 LED range

  • Colour Changing spotlights, which automatically change colour,
  • Single colour Multi 'Chip' Colour spotlights, in Blue, Green, Amber or Red
  • White Multi 'Chip' LED GU10 spotlights
  • Extra large Single 'Chip' white LED spotlight, which has an amazing lamp life of up to 50,000 hours.

These GU10 energy saving light bulbs vary in size. Some are longer or wider than halogen, but others are virtually identical in size and will fit any luminare.

Our GU10 - MR16 article also highlights some of the uses and benefits of these popular LED bulbs.