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LED golf ball bulbs and globes are often used in compact light fittings, and with their space-saving and attractive spherical shape are often used as decorational lamps in festoons. They come in a variety of eye-popping colours, and with the added benefits that LEDs bring. LED golfball bulbs make a great decorational light, not least of all because they’re a solid state form of lighting, resilient to vibration, shock, and excluding any delicate part such as a filament to shorten their lifespan. They’re also cool-running, and because they don’t build up a sweat generating heat they’re energy efficient. LED lamps are a rugged, practical solution to party lighting.

Incandescent golfball lamps under a specified wattage (60W) ducked the EU phase-out that affected GLS household bulbs, and they’re a good cheap and cheerful choice for decorational lighting. However, if you’re in the market for something much longer-lasting, more economical to run, and less likely to burn your fingers, take a look at the LED alternatives.

Lyco offer a range of rather beautiful, sometimes dimmable everyday LED golf ball bulbs and globes as well. They look great in luminaires as well as being practical for partying purposes, and with a wide variety of finishes and cap fittings available you’re likely to find something that suits. If the prices are a stumbling block, consider the outstanding 25,000 and 50,000 hour lifespans - replacing one of these lamps is a little like a once in a lifetime event!