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LED GLS has changed the way we think about regular shaped bulbs! Everyday GLS bulbs used to be such cheap affairs, with bog-standard choices to be made - clear or opal finish? Bayonet or screw cap? Now, however, all that has changed. We’re living in an energy-saving world, and few technologies are more pivotal in that than LED.

Not only do LED GLS bulbs look pretty funky, they’ve also got it going on when it comes to performance. Whereas the old-style incandescent bulb used to last for 1,000 hours, an LED GLS lamp typically lasts for 25,000 hours. An LED bulb will literally last for years, with no delicate burning filament to endanger its lifespan.

LED v energy-saving CFL

‘Pick on someone your own size’, so the saying goes, well what happens if we square LED up against those curly energy-saving bulbs? For a start, an LED bulb usually boasts at least twice the lifespan of a CFL, but also LED is more environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use toxic mercury and it produces less in the way of CO² emissions. LED bulbs are also ‘instant-on’ affairs, whereas CFL bulbs normally require a warm-up time to reach full luminance.

Also, when you’re done with an LED bulb, if indeed you ever are, you can throw it straight into the rubbish. A CFL lamp might have you making special trips to the local rubbish tip for proper disposal. The fact that LED disposal is such a widely-spaced event brings up another point - it’s a technology that is less of a burden to land-fill sites.

In summary, if you’re looking for a way forward with your lighting, let LED lead the way. It’s the light source of the 21st century!