LED R7s Bulbs

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LED Double Ended Linear bulbs offer a fantastic low energy alternative to halogen lighting. Whilst halogen floodlights are relatively inexpensive and provide high quality light, they consume large amounts of power and produce excessive heat, resulting in a large waste of energy. LEDs don’t produce any heat and typically use around 80% -90% less energy than halogen lights, which results in tangible savings wherever used.

Maximum output, minimal cost

Double-ended linear bulbs tend to be powerful, relatively compact in size and often used in floodlights, billboards or retail lighting. They have a high output, producing impressive levels of power without overheating.

If your business uses floodlights for extended periods of time our LED double-ended linear bulbs have the potential to provide savings on your businesses’ running costs. They’re low maintenance and require less replacement over time as LED lamps generally last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Compare this to the 2,000 to 4,000 hours from a halogen lamp, it’s not hard to see why LEDs are quickly replacing all types of traditional bulb at rapid rate.

Robust and durable

Given that LEDs are designed to withstand extremes of hot and cold temperature, they are ideal for use outside, particularly in cold winter conditions or freezer rooms. They’re known for being extremely tough and resistant to shock and vibration, which is yet another advantage for choosing this type of light for applications where this is an important consideration.