LED Colour Lights

Our selection of coloured LED light bulbs are just what you need if you’re in the market for long-lasting, cool-running decorational lights! With lifespans of up to 50,000 hours, these LED colour bulbs might literally last you a lifetime, whereas their incandescent counterparts would only last a tiny fraction of the time.

Here at Lyco we also stock a range of colour changing LED bulbs which are designed for lighting swimming pools.

Coloured LED bulbs

Our range of coloured LED bulbs has something to cover all requirements, including :

  • GU10 spotlights
  • MR11 and MR16 low voltage LED spotlights
  • PAR 20 and PAR 30 LED reflectors
  • Candle bulbs
  • LED golf balls

Colour changing LED bulbs

Our range of colour changing LED bulbs for swimming pools promise to add a touch a fun and style to proceedings, and features the following options:

  • Slow-fade
  • Remote control
  • Switch start


If your business regularly calls for coloured lighting, the initial investment you’ll make in these LED colour lights will be quickly offset by their low-powered economy. These lamps are consume far less power compared to their hot-headed, power-hungry incandescent equivalents. What’s more, being a solid-state form of lighting they’ll withstand shock and vibration. Years and years of use will make lighting maintenance a thing of the past!

Choose a hue, create ambience

Whether buying for a business premises or home, coloured bulbs can help create atmosphere. A warm white tends to be cosy, a blue or green tends to be relaxing, red tends to look lively - all the clichés, but the permutations are endless!

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