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LED Candle bulbs mimic the slender appearance of a naked flame and are useful for decorative light fittings such as chandeliers. Compact light fittings also benefit from their slim form, which lessens the likelihood of burned lampshades.

Design challenges

LED chips are more conspicuous than thin incandescent filaments, which is a problem in bulbs that are meant to be decorative. Manufacturers go to great lengths to make LED candles attractive, with shiny metal bases, special interior lenses, or LED arrays that are as discreet as possible. Swirling glass and bent-tip designs remain a popular option.

Glass finish

A clear, opal, or satin glass finish is possible in an LED candle bulb. A clear glass candle is traditionally recommended with decorative pendants and chandeliers for its unimpeded light and extra sparkle, whereas an opal finish softens and disperses light and reduces glare. This makes an opal candle bulb a good choice for eye-level wall lights or table lamps.


Our LED candles are available in dimmable and non-dimmable forms. This is a property of the built-in driver, so if you want dimmability you must shop specifically for it in an LED bulb. Dimming performance in LEDs is exceptionally good when a suitable dimmer switch is used. Varilight dimmer switches are some of the best on the market for LED dimming (sold by Lyco).

LED candle bulb advantages

LED candle bulbs are 80-90% more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen candles, and they offer longer lifespans of up to 50,000 hours. These two advantages combined are guaranteed to repay any investment by slashing running and maintenance costs.