GU10 Halogen Bulbs

GU10 halogen bulbs feature the 'twist and lock' fitting, which makes them extremely easy to fit. As well as stocking our own Lyco brand range, which promises excellent quality matched with amazing value, we complement this range with the best offerings from all the leading / well-known manufacturers.

Overall our hand-picked range of GU10 Halogen bulbs should cover all your needs.

Wide Variety of Halogen spotlights

Choose from a variety of beam angles - flood, wide flood or medium - to suit your application. These 50mm PAR 16 lamps also come in a range of wattages:

  • 20 watts
  • 35 watts
  • 50 watts

Also available are Xenon GU10 halogen spotlights, the very latest technology, delivering a super bright light.

Extra Large

We also have available PAR 20 halogen spotlights, which at 64mm diameter are just that little bit larger. They are available in 50 watt and 75 watt versions.

Heat Direction

Our GZ10 bulbs are the same size as GU10 at 50mm diameter, but are designed to push the heat generated to the rear of the fitting. If you're not sure which you need, don't forget our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help.

Coloured GU10 Halogen spotlights

For an instant livening up of your lighting display, why not go for a colour lamp? We stock them in Yellow, Blue, Green and Red, as well as White, and even offer a great value multipack, with two lamps of each colour.

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  1. Lyco 35W Dimmable Warm White Halogen GU10 Bulb - 25deg

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