Energy Saving & CFL Bulbs

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Energy saving light bulbs are pretty self-explanatory, saving you money on energy bills.From popular 2D lamps to sticks & spirals, candle bulbs and GU10s, we've got lots of environmentally friendly and energy saving bulbs that produce excellent illumination. As their name suggests, these energy saving bulbs offer much lower power consumption and running costs than our range of regular (incandescent) light bulbs.

Looking to economise

Low energy light bulbs, as they are sometimes called, are becoming increasingly popular. People are seeking to economize both at home and in the work environment by switching to energy saving bulbs.

Replacing Incandescent & Halogen with Energy Saving Bulbs

Our regular energy saving light bulbs are all designed to replace existing tungsten halogen lamps. Energy saving versions of the following types of bulbs are all available in this section:

  • Candle bulbs
  • Globe & golf ball bulbs
  • GLS regular light bulbs
  • PAR lamps
  • Reflector lamps
  • Cold Cathode
  • Dimmable low energy bulbs
  • Prismatic lamps
  • Spiral and Micro Spiral

Converting dedicated CFL fittings

For dedicated 2 pin or 4 pin compact fluorescent fittings (energy saving variants) we stock:

  • 2D lamps
  • A full range of CFL lamps from makers such as Sylvania, GE Lighting and Philips

Great range - well known brands

Here at Lyco, we stock a wide range of energy saving bulbs that can help you reduce your CO2 emissions, and, as they last for a long while, you'll be sending less to landfill, making them extremely environmentally friendly. We stock energy saving bulbs from many quality brands such as Philips, GE Lighting, Megaman and Sylvania as well as our own high specification brand, which represent excellent value for money.

Definition of technology

For more in-depth look at the type of light bulb technology take a look at our Energy saving light bulbs - a definition feature.

Alternatives to Energy Saving Bulbs

If you are looking for an even more efficient form of lighting then take a look at our range of LED light bulbs.