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When you need commercial and industrial lamps, it's a relief to know that Lyco stocks trusted products including metal halide light bulbs from the best manufacturers, like Philips, Osram, Sylvania and GE Lighting. We've got all the popular lamp types to choose from, including: Metal Halide, Ceramic Metal Halide, SON-E, SON-T, SOX, Mercury MBF-U, Dual SON & Mercury, and White SON [SDW-T].

Suitable for Various Fittings

The metal halide and ceramic metal halide light bulbs come in various fittings, including single and double ended, elliptical and tubular. SON-E lamps are elliptical, SON-T lamps are tubular.

White-Lux are also available in elliptical and tubular, Mercury MBF-U is elliptical, whereas the Dual SON & Mercury, White SON [SDW-T] and SOX lamps are all single ended with either a screw or two pin fitting.

Selection of Wattages

The range of wattages of our industrial and commercial lamps goes from 70 watts to 400 watts, to suit a variety of uses.

Long Life Versions

There are long life versions of both the SON-E and SON-T lamps, giving over twice the standard lamp life, at up to 55,000 hours.

Here at Lyco, we like to be the first to offer new products, and we also stock within our commercial and industrial light bulb range a lamp by Sylvania call BriteSpot, which is a metal halide spotlight that uses GX10 'twist and lock' fittings, to offer three times the light output of standard halogen spotlight reflectors.

Explore our range of halogen bulbs for alternative industrial lighting options which are suitable for heavy usage.