Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a new technology that allows you and your customers to adapt and control your lighting via remote devices. Using apps on mobiles, remote controls, motion sensors or dimmer switches, users can change the colour and temperature of the light, the frequency with which the lights go on and off, and even sync the lights with their music. Put simply, smart lighting combines energy efficiency, usability and fun at the touch of button.

Smart lighting requires a combination of components for the technology to operate. LED lamps, light strips, outdoor lights, ceiling lights and table lights are available via our ‘smart home’ ranges and are operated through a choice of different remote controls - mobile devices, motion sensors, dimmer switches or tap switches that use Bluetooth or WIFI. Multiple smart lights within a building can be connected using a hub that connects to the wifi router.

Many colour options are available with smart lighting, allowing you – or your customers - to adapt the mood within a space, depending on its use. Choose from various shades of white - which include natural warm light, white ambiance - and plus a vast choice of vivid colour shades, which are ideal for bars, fitness studios, gyms or therapy rooms.

Discover our extensive range of smart lighting and accessories for all you need to install and use this technology.

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