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Wall lights come in all shapes and sizes, with LED technology available in many of them. In some bedroom wall lights you might even find a flexible LED reading light coupled with a halogen lamp for general illumination. Other types of wall light include shaded wall lights for simple elegance, a single spotlight plate - often coordinated with multiple-light ceiling plates, ceramic lights, slimline panel lights, tile lights, tubular wall lights, dedicated reading lights, or decorational lights with either rustic or contemporary appeal.

If you can’t find an LED wall light to suit your needs, it’s worth considering the possibility of retro-fitting a halogen replacing LED lamp into any suitable model. You’d need to pay particular attention to the physical size of the lamp you’re replacing, in addition to hopefully matching its lumen output. If you plan on doing this, best to invest in the fitting first and then see how possible replacement lamps square up.

The longevity of LED lighting is beginning to reach a stage where we might, if we’re particularly unlucky, be outlived by an electric light bulb. With some of the LED lamps lasting for up to 50,000 hours, investing in such a light means zero maintenance and no filament-popping hassle for many years!