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LED spotlights make for a great choice of halogen replacement in many scenarios. The two technologies put up a bit of a scrap as far as spotlighting goes, with halogen generally winning any colour-accuracy, natural lighting rounds, whilst LED hits some great counter-punches with vastly superior energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and extremely long lifespans. These are things to consider, at least, when choosing the right light for your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the typical spotlighting fixtures available:

  • Track lighting is a good way of maintaining maximum flexibility, as you can move your lights to any position along the track in addition to being able to adjust the lights themselves. Perfect for display environments prone to regular change, or any other scenario where a regular refresh might take place. LED has a strong part to play in these types of instalments, not least because of energy savings of up to 80% and beyond. In terms of appearance an LED spotlight fitting might sometimes be neater, because its lack of generated heat allows more freedom in enclosing the lamp.
  • A spotlight bar is an alternative to track lighting where the spotlights sit in a set position on a fixed bar, which in some models might be extendable to allow minor linear adjustment. The spotlight heads remain adjustable.
  • Spotlights on a wire generally span a ceiling unsupported for distances of around 5-6 metres. They’re ideal for fixture to uneven surfaces.
  • Ceiling and wall plates are usually one, two, or three adjustable spotlights for horizontal or vertical installation! Often there will be a coordinated range, with a 3-light plate being typical for ceiling mounting.

Spotlighting is a more difficult arena for LED to enter into, not least because halogen delivers a crisp, natural light that is well suited to many display and task purposes. But still, you can expect LED to be increasingly utilised in spotlighting fixtures.