LED Solar Lights

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In LED technology we have lighting for the future. It consumes very little power, it contains no mercury, it produces almost no heat, it emits no UV output, it produces less in CO² emissions than alternatives, and it lasts for years! That’s a fair list - a longer list than competing technologies can easily create, but it still only scratches the surface.

LED technology is a work in progress. There are numerous fronts on which it can be attacked, or improved, and it’s being refined all the time. One of the exciting possibilities is its marriage with natural resources such as solar power. So modest is the energy required for LED lighting that one day’s worth of solar charging can produce a full night of illumination, and thus it is that various solar-powered LED lights are already on the market:

  • Wall lights are available that use solar power to charge their batteries by day, and switch on automatically at dusk thanks to a built-in photocell. Neat! After an initial investment you essentially have free illumination.
  • Stake lights and spike lights: you can line your garden path with stylish solar-powered lights that are easy to install, and typically provide between 8-10 hours of free illumination! These lights can be as contemporary or rustic as you like - a variety of ranges is available.
  • Spotlights are also available solar-powered, so you can direct light accurately exactly where you need it without lighting up the neighbourhood. Again, these lights have automatic light detectors and switch on as daylight fades.
  • Security lights can also be solar-powered, using multiple LEDs for a bright output and a powerful solar panel. A movement sensor turns on the light for short durations, either to deter would-be intruders or to help you navigate dark areas of your garden.
  • Fairy lights, part lights and festoons can also be solar powered. If you have a conifer in your garden, light it up for a one-off cost year after year! Coloured lights for the home or business can brighten up the atmosphere, and not just during December.

Most of these lights have manual override so you don’t have to throw light about when you’re not home, for instance. Some even have remote controls! Lighting the great outdoors with solar power and LED.