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Outside lighting can take many different forms, whether you’re showing off various aspects of your garden or are looking for a discreet, functional light, there’s a product waiting for you. When it comes to low profile LED recessed lights there are several options: - LED wall tiles can be installed directly into the wall for an attractive and functional solution to outdoor lighting. These tiles tend to be low voltage with a built-in LED driver.
- LED brick lights fit seamlessly into your exterior wall for an unobtrusive solution to lighting paths around your home or premises. These lights also usually low voltage and are likely to include the necessary LED driver.
- Walkover lights: in addition to recessed wall lights you can install tough little LEDs in a variety of colours into garden decking. These lights tend to have sky-high IP ratings, exposed as they are to the full force of the weather as well as the likelihood of jet cleaning.

All of these lighting ideas come with the usual LED benefits: phenomenal lifespan, no discernible heat output, very low usage of power, shock resistance, vibration resistance, compact design, and easy installation.

If you’re going to install a recessed light, it makes a fair bit of sense to install one that will last for years! LED technology is the lighting of the future, including yours.