LED Picture Lights

Our range of LED picture lights has been put together with one thing in mind… bringing you, the customer, the best selection of LED driven picture lighting that is available on the market. Only the best picture lights have found their way into Lyco's ‘premium range’. As well as the newest fittings to appear on the lighting market, our range includes a selection that have already established themselves as benchmarks in the field of artwork illumination.

Why choose LED Picture Lights?

The answer is pretty simple! The benefits far outweigh those of their traditional rivals. Improvements include:

  1. Little or no heat – artwork does not become dried out
  2. No UV rays – reduced deterioration of inks, papers
  3. Longer lasting – LED lights offer significantly increase lifespan
  4. Choice of light colour – cool white, daylight, warm white and white all available
  5. Location friendly – some lights can be battery powered meaning they can be placed pretty much anywhere

Complementary lighting

Our specially selected range offer an excellent degree of style to complement your artwork and come in a range of finishes to suit your décor.

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