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LED Downlights pretty much do what "they say on the tin'. A super-efficient form of casting light from above, these lights not only look stylish but also help reduce your electricity bills. Variety is also key to their popularity. Whatever your requirements there should be an LED downlight that ticks all the boxes. Types available include: Recessed or semi-flush, Dimmable and non-dimmable, Fixed or adjustable, Mains or low voltage.

Use of downlights

Ideal in kitchens, hallways, corridors, hospitality areas, retail environments, and other venues, recessed LED's can be used to create dramatic accent lighting on tables or ornaments, highlight floor textures, furnishings or to simply achieve a practical level of light in a room.

Style and looks are important but the key thing is to choose the right bulb to fulfill the actual lighting requirement. Another key piece of advice is to be sure to select the appropriate beam width to ensure that you can actually achieve your desired result.

Dimmable LED downlights

When it comes to dimming LED works in a different way to traditional lighting technology. A finely adjustable voltage is necessary to dim an LED lamp, and this cannot be achieved with a normal 12V transformers. Therefore you will find that recessed dimmable lighting usually come complete with an LED driver to facilitate problem free dimming.

LED advantages

As you would expect with any form of LED lighting, all the usual LED advantages apply:

  • Zero appreciable generation of heat
  • No use of toxic mercury
  • Little or no UV output
  • Extremely long lifespans
  • Economical use of power

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of this type of lighting take a look at our LED Downlights- a cooler direction feature.