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LED ceiling lights come in a variety of different variations, including flush, semi-flush fittings, pendant lights, panel lights and on the rare occasion spotlights and chandeliers. Here at Lyco we have an up-to-the-minute range of LED ceiling lights which should be able to satisfy any lighting requirements you may have.

The type of LED ceiling light that you require should depend upon the type of location its desired for or its overall purpose:

  • LED flush ceiling lights - best suited to provide unobtrusive lighting in confined spaces
  • LED pendant lights - are designed to provide an attractive blend of style and functionality
  • LED panels - ideal fluorescent fitting replacements - provide even lighting over large areas

LED saves you money - fact

Never does it make more sense to install an LED light fitting than when the light will be in regular use. The facts speak for themselves: LED saves about 80 to 90% of energy over an incandescent light and uses roughly half the power of an energy-saving fluorescent. Strategic choice of technology is a wise course of action for the householder or business owner alike.

Upgrade and evolve

LED is very much an evolving technology that continues to find new possibilities, but drastic decreases in energy usage, CO² emissions, and landfill waste are already an advantage. For everyday ceiling illumination it makes perfect sense to upgrade to LED ceiling light - a much cheaper-running option, which can sometimes offer better illumination.

For some inspiration in terms of which lights you should choose, why not take a look at our Top 10 LED Ceiling Lights article?