LED Candle Bulbs

Candle bulbs are attractively shaped to resemble a natural flame, so they’re often used in open pendant-type luminaires as well as other, slimline fittings and shades.

When it comes to choosing a candle bulb you’re faced with much choice: you might find old-fashioned incandescent types where stocks still exist; there are energy-saving halogen varieties; energy-saving CFL varieties, and finally the type under examination here - the LED candle bulb.

If you’ve been avidly reading Lyco’s informative collection of articles you’ll by now be an expert on the advantages of LED. By way of a refresher: LED lamps last longer than any equivalent, with twice the longevity of its nearest rival - the CFL; LEDs are environmentally friendly with no use of toxic mercury and lower levels of CO² emission; LED bulbs draw less power than their peers; LED bulbs require no warm-up time.

If you want the downsides: LED light is less natural than incandescent equivalents and it tends to require the biggest initial investment among the common alternatives. No light source is perfect, but for many everyday purposes LED represents a way forward. It’s the light source of the modern era!

A little on LED candle bulbs themselves: you’ll find the same varieties of candle bulb catered for in LED that you’ll find with other technologies. Some of them are dimmable, others not; they might produce coloured light or varying temperatures of white light; they might have an opaque finish or be clear; and they come in a variety of cap fittings.

All the uses and applications you had for candle bulbs before are accounted for with LED candle bulbs, and what’s more they’ll last for anything from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. If you’re a householder that’s a very rare replacement! If you’re a business owner that means non-existent lighting maintenance. Fit and forget!

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