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  1. Bay Rectangle Adjustable Twin Downlight - Aluminium

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  2. Integral Evofire 70-100mm Bezel - Polished Chrome

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  3. Robus Commodore Warm White LED Cabinet Light - Brushed Chrome

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  4. Robus Commodore Cool White LED Cabinet Light - Brushed Chrome

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  5. Internal Ring for 7W LED Downlight - Chrome

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Recessed lighting is the ideal option for anywhere that requires a high degree level of lighting but needs it to be unobtrusive. This popular type of fitting is more common place than you may realise and can be found in most buildings. Many retail and hospitality environments already benefit from a wide variety of recessed fittings. Whilst delivering their desired level of lighting, they find that it doesn't detract from their carefully planned displays, furnishings or inviting ambiance. You will also find a large selection of office buildings already benefiting from this form of low-key lighting.

Recessed lights also work well in display or work areas that require spotlights but without the encumbrance of a rail or track. Available in both fixed or adjustable varieties, recessed fittings are stylish but reserved and most definitely effective. However it can be tricky to workout how many you will need for a given space.

Places to go

Recessed lighting is a pretty flexible idea, and it needn't, strictly speaking, refer to flat ceiling lights. An unobtrusive recessed lighting solution can be fitted in vaulted or slanting ceilings, under stairs, in the wall - anywhere where you have electrical access.

More than just downlights

Recessed downlights are ideal for general illumination or for task oriented applications. Fire rated options ensure that the ceiling is not compromised in the event of a fire, whilst high IP ratings make any indoor light ideal for use in the bathroom.

Whilst fixed downlights offer good standard illumination in most locations, adjustable downlights (recessed lights with adjustable heads) are ideal for bathroom, display, or task orientated areas such as kitchens or utility rooms. An alternative to downlights, especially for office environments is the recessed ceiling tile fitting. Available in a cutting-edge LED model or high frequency CFL panel, this lighting option is hugely popular and extremely effective.

Flush and clean

Flush-fitting recessed lights make for a very clean-looking, contemporary form of illumination, and they immediately provide extra air space. No dust-gathering luminaire or shade to clean, or to bump your head on if you're vertically unchallenged. Recessed lighting is a low-key, highly efficient and desirable solution to many lighting conundrums.

Fire-rated downlights

Most modern residential premises have fire rated ceilings. The fire rating calculates the amount of time a ceiling can hold back flames before it spreads up to the next floor and can be 30,60 or 90 minutes. For more in-depth information on fire-rated downlights and the regulations surrounding them, take a look at our fire-rated downlights - safety first! article.