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Lamp shades: a light fitting you can install without having to concern yourself with any electrical wiring conundrum! A lamp shade is an easy way to revitalise an old light fitting, or perhaps simply cover the modesty of a bare bulb you've inherited in a new home or premises. nAt Lyco we offer a selection of shades: some custom made for specific light fittings within our range and some shades of independent means that are intended as decorational shades for a floor lamp or ceiling pendant. The design might range from a simple and elegant fabric shade to more ornate, non-electric fittings.

Most light shades will be supplied with an adaptor to ease installation with any size of bulb holder. Look out for this in our product descriptions.

Whether it's a new installation or a replacement shade, we hope our selection includes something for you. Remember that Lyco are always on hand to lend advice on any project or purchase, in addition to offering prompt dispatch of orders and a caring aftersales attitude. Ours is an award-winning level of customer service, which we diligently try to maintain and improve. Why not check out our guide to Lamp Shades and Light Distribution.

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