Floor Lamps - White - Brass - Dar - Astro


Whether it’s part of a coordinated range or a standalone product, there’s no denying the versatility of a floor lamp. Whether it’s for overall illumination, or maybe reading or needlecraft, you can move a lamp around to suit your décor. And indeed, a well-chosen floor lamp might be an intrinsic part of your décor and contribute to the ambiance and beauty of a room.

Lyco offer a wide choice in floor lamps, so whether you’re a home owner, specifier, designer, business owner: you’ll surely find a floor lamp to suit your needs among our pages. We might have a brief look at some of the common designs:

  • An uplight simply projects light onto the ceiling, which in turn acts as an effective reflector and spreads light about the room.
  • A ‘mother and child’ design is a 2-light floor lamp combining an uplight for overall illumination and a down-facing and lower positioned reading light.
  • A shaded floor lamp simply uses a shade to provide general diffused lighting. Shades are constructed from a diverse range of materials, from fabrics to ceramics and glass. Sitting underneath such a light provides strong illumination for task purposes whilst avoiding the bare illumination in your line of vision.
  • Overhanging lights often add a contemporary feel with their curved or angular designs, and they make great reading lamps with the light focused downwards.

These and other types of design make a wonderful addition to many a room, whether in a domestic setting or in a hospitality business, waiting areas, or rest homes.