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When it comes to under-cabinet strip lights, there are two principle technologies vying for your attention: LED and fluorescent. To ensure that you don't miss out, Lyco stocks both technologies. Between them the two types offer a wealth of under-cabinet lighting options, with each technology offering its own benefits and advantages:

It’s fair to say that LED does offer the most going forward and its only perceived negatively in that it is the slightly more expensive option. That said, an LED striplight is likely to be up to twice as energy-efficient as a fluorescent tube, last twice as long, produce negligible heat, and is disposable.

LED is also a solid-state form of lighting that’s shockproof, vibration proof, and therefore well suited to a wide variety of demanding applications.

LED Strip lights

Having established LEDs superiority, what types of LED cabinet lights are available? For a start there are LED flexi-strips, which are flexible in both name and nature. These work in conjunction with an LED driver and can be arranged in an infinite variety of ways according to your needs. They’re generally available in a variety of different colours, too, so your cabinet lighting can create mood as well as being functional. The beauty of these strips is they can be as inconspicuous as you like - they’re suitable for use under or inside cabinets, under shelves, in enclosed spaces, or around mirrors, monitors and desks as mood lighting. The potential uses for LED flexi-strips are many, but they are ideal as cabinet lights. Some LED strips are even self-adhesive for complete ease of installation.

Other, surface-mounted LED strip lights are available, providing low energy cabinet lighting for task orientated or display purposes. As with fluorescent solutions, LED striplights are often linkable, either directly or via a connection cable. In addition to the advantages already outlined, LED striplights are instant-on lights without the warm-up time and flicker associated with some fluorescent lights.

Fluorescent Strip lights

Lyco offer a wide choice of fluorescent strip lights, and while they might not offer quite the dazzling set of future-proof advantages of LED they’re still eons away from the inefficiency of original incandescent lighting. They offer impressive low-powered performance at an attractive up-front price and they’re fit for purpose - delivering bright light that’s ideal as under-cabinet task lighting.

At Lyco you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to fluorescent cabinet strip lights, which are offered in popular T4 and T5 sizes. Many models are linkable, and some have diffusers that soften the light and make it more tolerable in your line of vision. Triphosphor fluorescent lamps produce a natural white light, as opposed to the yellow or blue bias sometimes found in single phosphor lights.

For an affordable and efficient form of cabinet lighting, fluorescent strip lights are worthy of every consideration!