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Our range of flush-fitting commercial lights incorporates anything from a low-cost bulkhead with fluorescent lamps to sleek LED fittings with phenomenally long lifespans. You can pick from designs that are robust and functional to fittings with a little more sophistication and decorational value! These low-profile lights are designed for ceiling or wall mounting, with a versatile choice of options and styles for both.

As these lights are economical in their use of space you’ll generally find cooler-running CFL or LED lamps at the heart of them. The fluorescent (CFL) variety of flush fitting typically uses a 2D lamp (2-pin or 4-pin). A 2-pin has its own built-in starter, whilst a 4-pin relies on external control gear.

When it comes to choosing between fluorescent or LED, the latter usually boasts a lifespan up to two or three times greater than fluorescent, and might use only half of the energy. A fluorescent lamp can last for an impressive 15,000 hours, whilst LED lighting is usually expected to last between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The initial outlay for LED fittings is correspondingly more expensive, but both forms of lighting are vastly more energy-efficient than original incandescent alternatives!

IP Ratings

You’d obviously expect an ingress protection rating to be high in outdoor light fittings, but it’s also a vital specification when choosing a light fitting for indoor areas such as bathrooms, showers and washrooms. Areas such as bathrooms are commonly divided into zones, with minimum IP ratings allotted to each zone for reasons of safety. For instance, an IP44 rating would offer more than sufficient protection for peripheral areas of a bathroom, whereas an IP67 rating would be required if you ever wanted to install a light directly inside a shower cubical or bath. Where an IP rating isn't provided you may assume the light to be unsuitable for exposure to liquids in any form.

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