Adjustable Downlights - Chrome - Black - Robus - Selected By Lyco

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A hybrid of low-key fixed downlights and usually very conspicuous spotlights, adjustable downlights offer a ‘best of both worlds’ solution with their directional light heads and recessed fitting. Just as it is with fixed downlights, you can buy adjustable fittings in a wide variety of types: low voltage or mains voltage, dimmable and non-dimmable, fire rated or nay. The choices are many.

The ability to aim the beam of these adjustable fittings marks them out as being particularly suitable where task oriented lighting is required, which means they’re great in kitchens or bathrooms! The IP rating for any particular fitting offers some guidance as to where it might be used, with the higher IPX4 or IPX5 (e.g. IP44 or IP65) figures being resilient to sprays or jets of water.

Downlights in general use halogen, CFL or LED lighting technologies, and here it might be wise to consider the length of time your lights are likely to be switched on for before making a choice. With LED lighting being radically more energy-efficient than halogen, it makes sense to select either that or energy-saving fluorescent downlights for applications requiring continuous use. On the other hand, halogen lighting is natural, it’s crisp, it’s easy on the eye, and it has a sky-high level of colour accuracy - maxing out the CRI rating with a score of 100. Halogen is good for display or detail-orientated task lighting, but somewhat less appealing as continually-on general illumination.

Available in a wide range of finishes, our selection of adjustable downlights is sure to contain something to suit your needs.