Air Conditioners

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Air conditioners cool and dehumidify the surrounding air. As high temperatures can reduce productivity, they are a worthwhile investment for any company who wants to maintain staff performance through the summer months. They are also perfect for increasing the comfort of patients in hospitals or residents in care homes. Our air conditioners have been carefully selected to ensure they meet our very high standards of performance.

Powerful Cooling Action

Our powerful air conditioners are highly effective at refrigerating the air around you, leaving it constantly cool and comfortable. A clever by-product of the cooling process is that water is removed from the air, leaving it less humid. High humidity can prevent sweat from evaporating, which is the body's natural cooling mechanism, so this unit helps this process work more efficiently.

Purifies & Cools Air

Some of our air conditioners have filters to purify the air as it cools. This process removes potential allergens from the air, which can help to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.

High Energy Efficiency

Lyco makes every effort to offer our customers appliances that are energy efficient, as they save you money and are kinder to the environment. As a result, some of our air conditioners have an 'A' energy rating, the highest energy efficiency rating possible.