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Torches are ideal for providing an instant beam of directable light. They are easily portable so can be used in poorly lit areas that are awkward to reach with other light sources, and areas with no mains power supply. Torches are also useful when travelling at night, and for providing immediate emergency lighting during a power cut. It is helpful to provide a torch in any rental property and in guest bedrooms in hotels and B&B's.

Lantern, Hand & Head Torches

At Lyco, we offer a large variety of torches in a range of different styles. We stock:

hand torches with cylinder-shaped handles that are easy to grip
lantern style torches for a wider beam that can be held and directed or left to stand
head torches that can be worn on the head for convenient hands-free use
in-ear torches which are small and light for DJ-ing, reading or fishing and the beam is directed to wherever you look.

Torch Power

We have many battery-powered torches, several of which can be recharged using the mains adaptor and in-car charger included. Our range also includes wind-up torches, which need no batteries or mains supply to operate.

Various Light Sources

Choose from torches that are fitted with bulbs of various candle power. The manner of light emissions includes Krypton and Halogen for crisp, white light and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for long-life brightness.

Battery Lights

In addition to standard torches, we also stock battery powered LED and fluorescent lights for store rooms, stairways, cupboards interiors, garages and basements, including the award-winning Osram Dot-it, and a super rechargeable fluorescent worklight for fantastic bright light without a power point nearby.

Lyco is proud to stock models of torches from such leading brands as Maglite, Draper, Panasonic, and Brennenstuhl.