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When you’re stocking up on maintenance or DIY tools and sundries you’ll ideally need a place to store them. Staying organised is key to working efficiently, but you’ll also want to keep your equipment in good working order and out of harm’s way. Toolboxes are simple, functional products, but you might want to look out for certain features when buying. Some of them are little more than toughened boxes where you can safely stow hand and power tools, whereas others might include compartments where you can store small items such as nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Many tool boxes include a tote tray, which enables you to keep all of the tools for a particular job closely to hand.


Rather like laptops and suitcases, big toolboxes especially sometimes cater for a level of security by providing an eye through which to thread a padlock. This prevents casual theft of contents - particularly useful in a toolbox where you may not immediately notice something missing. Our toolboxes are also very robustly constructed, and couldn’t easily be breached by man or beast!

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We sell tools. We sell the boxes to put them in. Lyco are lighting experts with years of experience in supplying all types of other specialist equipment to various industries. We provide a caring, award-winning level of customer service without ever resting on our laurels. And we deliver quickly, with 98% of our products available for next-day delivery - you can rely on Lyco not to keep you hanging around.