Wiz Lighting

WiZ Lighting is the latest lighting innovation from TAO Group, a French-Asian company based in Hong Kong who have been designing and manufacturing decorative luminaires and lamps since 2004. Tao Group are engineering technical lighting specialists and are responsible for some of the first LED lamps and recessed downlights on the market. After producing more than 80 million lights over the past 13 years, TAO is now one of main players in the smart lighting industry and operates in over 25 countries worldwide.

WiZ Lighting is a system of luminaires with integrated LEDs and LED lamps that can transform any room into a dynamic, interactive environment using WiFi. Once the WiZ lamp is installed, it can then be controlled using a smart app, infrared remote control, using existing physical switches or through sensors and sound recognition.

The WiZ range includes a selection of integrated light fixtures, lamps and remote controls and is truly revolutionising the lighting industry in terms of innovation and technology.

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