Steinhauer is a Dutch company, specialising in lighting design and manufacturing, founded by Hendrik Jan Steinhaur in 1933. Very much a family operation, 80 years on and their CEO Mark Steinhauer is at the helm, ensuring the family name carries on.

Designing and manufacturing light fittings from their base in the Netherlands is their core business and the company has been focused on creating unique fittings and offering flexible, commercially viable products to their customers for three generations. Whilst they still design and produce many of their lights in house, their focus is mainly on exports and they now supply 14 different countries, with Belgium and Germany being their largest markets.

All design and development is done in house to meet their rigid requirements and each year Steinhauer invest substantially in design, development and production.

Steinhauer’s product range is vast and varied, ranging from classic light fittings to more modern, quirky luminaires that offer excellent value for money. From floor lamps to decorative wall and ceiling lights, there is sure to be something for to suit many applications, from retail, office to residential.

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