Soraa began producing high quality LED lighting back in 2013 and the company is the brain child of Shuji Nakamura, a Nobel Prize Winner and dubbed the ‘father of modern LED lighting’. His aim was simple, yet scientifically complex – to create a light source that had all the qualities of the most natural type of light in the world: the sun and the word Soraa means ‘sun’ in kanji.

Years of innovation and research has followed and today Soraa professional lighting can be seen in top museums, hotels, restaurants and high end retail venues around the world, thanks to its superb quality and full spectrum colour rendering. Soraa’s take on LED design combined with their detailed construction, means that their LEDs render whites, as well as colours, brilliantly, which has led to the creations of Soraa Radiant LED.

The Soraa Pro range comprises a range of high quality LED luminaires, lamps and lighting systems which deliver unparalleled experiences and superior ambiance with a focus on colour being as close to nature as possible. Not only do they continue to invest and support research into technology and new products but they are working towards developing insights into how lighting affects well-being, mood and health. There is also a home range, containing a selection of energy-efficient LEDs for just about every room in the home, from blue-free lights for the bedroom, designed to aid restful sleep, to fixed downlights and spots for precise task lighting.

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