Ingeniously named, Plumen are a London-based company doing interesting things with energy-saving bulbs! The company name combines ‘plume’ and ‘lumen’, two nouns referring to a decorative feather and a unit of light, and it’s an apt name for what they’ve done - which is to craft an interestingly shaped fluorescent designer lamp!

Energy-saving bulbs tend to sit on the fence when it comes to grabbing our attention. Sure, they save a load of energy over a burning hot incandescent bulb, but they’re not as low-powered and long-lasting as LED. They’re cheaper than LED, but not as cheap as halogen. It’s all middling stuff. Even the curly shape of them is uninterestingly curly - reminiscent of a heap of mud left behind by a burrowing worm. It doesn’t inspire, and generally the lamps are on the bulky side.

But then along comes Plumen with a smart design idea and suddenly the energy-saving bulb has unlimited potential as an eye-catching, bare-bulbed, open luminaire. How so? Plumen have unravelled the glass tube; they’ve shaped it into something interesting; they’ve won design awards and praise in the process.

With their flair for design Plumen have placed the energy-saving lamp - imposed successor to the incandescent bulb - somewhere back on the map. A meandering, eye-catching bulb that you might not mind paying for and which is so inspired that you’ll not want to waste money by covering it up! Look out for the Plumen name: a fresh and bright company that’s made the CFL lamp eminently more palatable.

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