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Philips is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic goods who has, quite literally, shaped the modern world with its inventions. The company was founded in 1891 by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard in The Netherlands and their aim was to make cost-effective reliable light bulbs for everyone. Today, we are delighted to stock a vast range of Phillips light bulbs, including Hue, their market-leading, ‘smart home’ range, as well as dimmable LED bulbs, which have an impressive lifespan of 25,000 hours.

Did you know… in 1933, Philips had become the world's largest producer of radios. Then, in 1950, the Philishave, an iconic battery shaver with rotating heads was launched by Philips as a spin-off from its research into battery powered dynamos. In 1963 it launched the compact audio cassette tape, and set the standard which is still used today. Twenty years later, Philips again revolutionised how the world listens to music when it launched the Compact Disc. It also invented the first home Video Cassette Recorder in 1973.

In recent years it has become a major player in the medical market, a move which grew out of its involvement with light bulbs for X-rays, and now encompasses a wide range of products, including an innovative scanning machine. Design plays an important part in all Philips research and development. Its approach is to go way beyond aesthetics, and in 2000, Philips opened HomeLab in the Netherlands - a fully functional home laboratory where researchers can study people's interactions with technology and designs.

Like all lighting and electronics manufacturers, Philips is acutely aware of climate change, and its world-class leadership in social, economic and environmental responsibility was recognized in 2003 when it was awarded the number one ranking in its sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Today, Philips specialises in producing energy-efficient LED products and has recently produced Hue, the market-leading ‘smart home’ range aimed at any homeowner looking to modernise their home.