Based in the green-valleyed Lombardy region of Italy, Paber was first established in 1972 as an indoor lighting company. Within a few years the direction of Paber’s business altered course, when they began producing cast aluminium outdoor luminaires at the behest of many of their customers.

Exhibiting typical Italian passion for design, Paber’s products are beautiful, elegant, and yet durable and long-lasting. Superbly manufactured using specialised machining tools, their range of outdoor lighting is synonymous with high quality, with painted surface coatings ensuring impressive longevity.

Recently Paber has spawned a subsidiary company, Elcom Design, where the emphasis is on contemporary, functional design with uncompromising attention to technical detail.

Paber is a conscientious, customer-driven company offering a stylish range of high quality outdoor lights. Whenever you want exterior luminaires with a little panache, be sure to look for the Paber name.

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