Night Watcher

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Established in 2005, NightWatcher are the manufacturers of some of the most innovative security and surveillance products for small businesses and homes, and have pioneered their own unique patented technology.

NightWatcher are perhaps best known for their own patented Robotic Security Lights. These operate using three PIRs (Passive Infrared Sensors) to turn the light wherever motion is detected. As this then follows an intruder it gives the feeling of being watched, which is an excellent deterrent.

As well as their range of simple yet highly effective PIR security lights, they also manufacture LED security lights with integrated cameras and security surveillance systems which can be monitored remotely using mobile devices or online. NightWatcher’s intelligent CCTV systems are not just sophisticated, but also use the highest resolution cameras.

NightWatcher have identified three key areas in which their products can help with the protection of business premises and homes:
• Security
• Deterrence
• Evidence
Adding security lights and other equipment can prevent burglaries, theft, vandalism and unwanted visitors. The sight alone of CCTV cameras and the use of security lights can often be enough to deter potential criminals and studies have shown that their usage can reduce instances of crime. If crime does take place a CCTV camera can help produce evidence to give to the authorities and capture footage of attempted burglaries, theft or vandalism.

With their innovative approach to home security and their commitment to sustainability with their use of LEDs, NightWatcher are a brand with vision for the future.