Relatively youthful, Kosnic is a fresh and innovative company that designs and manufactures LED and low-energy lamps, luminaires, panels and accessories. Its aims are simple: to embrace and evolve contemporary lighting technologies and make better use of the earth’s resources.

Founded in 2006 by managing director, Ying Hu, Kosnic has grown from being a small start-up business to a thriving concern with UK, European, and Chinese operations. In a suburb of Shanghai the Kosnic Technology Centre can be found - a dedicated research centre with the express aim of exploring, innovating, and advancing LED technology.

In addition to its eco-friendly motives, Kosnic outlines and promotes the very tangible benefits of LED lighting for a wide variety of businesses and circumstances. Their products are frequently used in domestic settings, hospitals, commercial premises and the hospitality sector, and in all of these scenarios they promise lower running and maintenance costs and quick recompense for your initial investment.

If you’re looking to replace costly incandescent lamps and don’t know who to turn to, Kosnic are heading boldly into the future with their uncompromising approach to design and manufacture. Look out for their name on Lyco!

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