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The American firm Insect-O-Cutor are the undisputed technological leader in the development of electric fly killers. They are used wherever hygiene and insect contamination is an issue from sandwich bars to abbatoirs, as they offer an effective, chemical-free way to control insects.

In 1962 Insect-O-Cutor introduced its UV light units to the UK. It makes two main types of insect eradicators, electric electrocutors and glueboard flytraps. A wide range of models are designed for areas as small as 40 square metres up to a massive 350 square metres, with self-cleaning killing grids and tool-free lamp changes for easy maintenance.

Electric Fly Killers

Electric models are available in wall mounted, ceiling hung and portable versions. The lights attract and kill flying insects. The company has invented a new lamp, Synergetic UVA-Green. These patented lamps combine two attractant phosphors which offer superior performance to the old UV lights. Firstly they attract a broader range of insects including moths, and they catch common House Flies, Blow Flies and Fruit Flies 30% faster.


Glue boards are designed use in areas where other insect control devices are inadequate or not allowed (due to the proximity of open products and prep areas). They incorporate black light lamps to attract flying insects where they are captured on "sticky" glueboard strips. Unable to free themselves, the doomed insects remain firmly stuck to the glueboards until discarded, usually after three months. They are silent in operation, streamlined in design, and economical to run.