Duracell Solar

The Duracell brand is one of the world’s most recognisable names and is synonymous with the black and copper coloured batteries. The name ‘Duracell’ was derived from a shortened version of the words ‘durable cell’. Launched in 1964, it has become the market leader in terms of producing high-performance alkaline batteries and in the years since, Duracell now produces a wide and varied range of products.

Ever conscious of their impact on the environment, Duracell has added several renewable products to its range which are vetted by their in-house technical experts to ensure consistent quality and performance. In 2013 Duracell partnered up with Jiawei Technology to produce a range of LED lighting products including LED lamps and light fixtures, flashlights and of course the Duracell Solar range. Jiawai holds over 80 patents for products, are leading the way when it comes to innovation in LED lighting and work closely with their customers when developing new products.

The Duracell Solar range of outdoor LED lighting is an ideal match for businesses and hospitality venues that are conscious of their energy consumption, and want to source more sustainable lighting solutions. They require no hard wiring for installation, are economical to purchase, install and run and offer an easy means of adding decorative and security lighting outdoors.

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