Draper Tools' is an independent, family-owned tools supply firm. Its skill set lies in its selection of quality tools, procurement, pack design, shipping, testing and quality control.

The company was started in 1919 by Bert Draper, who sold government surplus and tools from a hand barrow around the Kingston Upon Thames' markets. Later he purchased a warehouse, which laid the foundations for the company as it is today. Based in Hampshire, Drapers boasts the largest stock of tools in one place in the UK which is in keeping with the ethos of the founder, Bert, who was fond of saying "You can't sell nothing off an empty barrow".

Draper Tools specialises in a number of different areas, including Socket Sets, Agricultural Tools, Hydraulic equipment, Automotive Tools, Precision Engineering and general tools. The firm regularly wins awards, and its products are often recommended as 'best buy' recommendations in magazines such as 'Practical Classics, 'Auto Express, 'Practical Woodworking' and Car Mechanics.'

The firm is headed today by John Draper, the grandson of the founder. Whilst he is applying his drive and vision to take the company forward, he is also stays true to the past by sticking to golden rule of 'quality guaranteed'.

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