Deltech UK Ltd is a North London lighting company with a focus on LED lighting excellence! Expert designers and manufacturers, Deltech are LED specialists with a wide-ranging line of commercial and domestic purposed products. Deltech offers a diverse catalogue of LED lamps, LED strips, LED drivers, LED tubes, ceiling panels, garden lights, floodlights, wall lights and lamp holders.

LED is an eco-friendly choice of product, with no toxic mercury to worry about when it comes to disposal. It’s insanely energy-efficient by comparison to old-fashioned technologies, and being a solid-state form of lighting is extremely well suited for use in rugged products likely to be subjected to shock or vibration. In addition, lifespan is so long that you can pretty much forget about maintenance! There’ll be no snapping filament to leave you in the dark. Nobody knows all of this better than Deltech, and their range of products pounce on the possibilities afforded by LED. If you’re a commercial buyer, consider a product that typically lasts 15, 20, 30, or even 50 times as long as an incandescent equivalent! At the same time, it’ll draw a fraction of the wattage of halogen and typically half the wattage of CFL lighting.

A hallmark of British lighting excellence, you’ll never be disappointed if you select one of our outstanding Deltech products!

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