Bell Lamps

A long-established company, British Electric Lamps Ltd was founded back in 1920, and has its headquarters in southwest London and distribution centre in West Yorkshire. A traditional English company with a reputation for excellence, Bell continue to develop and manufacture a wide range of high quality lamps and light fittings.

Bell is a company committed to producing an increasing proportion of environmentally friendly and cost-effective products. Their extensive range of energy-saving lamps reflects that, drawing as it does on the various advantages of CFL, LED or halogen technologies with a constant view to improving performance and low-powered efficiency in all of them.

Bell’s range of light fittings and accessories is equally as diverse and exciting, including a variety of downlights, cabinet lights, spheres, LED flexistrips, transformers, drivers, lamp holders and more! This is a company with a constant ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse - always attentive to the needs of consumers and cognisant of the best and latest in cutting-edge lighting technology.

Wherever you see the Bell name amongst Lyco’s stock you can be assured of the highest standards of manufacture and design.

We stock a wide range of Bell candle lamps and other decorative bulbs, and we recommend this award-winning brand wholeheartedly for reliability and value.

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