Top 10 Outdoor Lights of 2014 (so far!)

The popularity of outdoor lights has grown enormously in recent years, as homeowners and businesses realise the after-dark potential of gardens and landscape areas. It’s fair to say that improvements in energy-efficient technology is one of the key reasons behind this awakened enthusiasm. Even though the halogen lamp still has a place as an unmatched high-quality light source, it is tough to beat the non-existent running costs of a solar-powered LED!

Knowing what is popular in any day and age is handy, especially when trying to decide what might be best for you, so here we bring together Lyco’s top 10 outdoor lights of 2014 so far…

10. Lots at stake

Focus stake lightThe Focus Garden Stake is a low-voltage garden spotlight with a durable aluminium construction. Its matt black finish blends well with green foliage. This stylish luminaire comes with an MR16 halogen lamp, for crisp, bright light and excellent colour rendering. Use it to highlight features such as shrubs, statues, rockeries, walls, and fences.

9. Safe and secure

Nighthawk LED security floodlight

The Nighthawk LED Security Floodlight includes a PIR motion sensor, which can be wired to trigger up to four NH150 floodlights when movement is detected. The Nighthawk has a broad 160°, 10-metre detection range, and includes an override facility. An array of top-branded Nichia LEDs emits a powerful 1100 lumens of cool white light, equal in strength to a 150W halogen lamp. Even better, this product is likely to last for decades under normal conditions of use.

8. Harnessing the Sun

Canterbury Solar Wall LightThe LED Solar Flush Wall Light exploits the young alliance of LED and solar technology. Stylishly designed from stainless steel, this weatherproof luminaire includes a dusk-to-dawn sensor for automatic overnight lighting. It yields 8 hours of illumination from a full charge.  The Canterbury is intended for decorative lighting only.

7. A flood of light

LED PIR Twin Floodlight
The LED PIR Floodlight is 90% more energy efficient than its 200W halogen equivalent, delivering a powerful 1030 lumens of cool white 5640K light. This ‘daylight’ colour temperature is useful in security lighting, since it appears brighter and a little starker than warm halogen lighting. A PIR motion sensor is integrated, which triggers light when activity is detected within a 180° 10-metre range. A dusk-to-dawn mode automatically switches the light on overnight.


6. Seeing round corners

Wells Corner LightThe Well Corner Light is a tough, shatter-resistant fitting, ideal for many commercial and residential applications. It comes supplied with standard and corner-mounting brackets, for extra installation choice. Also included is a bright 23W low-energy fluorescent bulb, which emits a substantial 1450 lumens of omnidirectional warm white light. This output is about equal to a 100W halogen lamp. Energy efficiency and affordability are attractively combined in this stylish luminaire.

5. Wet weather tubes

T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Fitting 5ft Twin
The Twin T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Fitting is a great choice for industrial applications, delivering loads of light for relatively little cost. Its tough polycarbonate construction is dust-tight and resistant to low-pressure jets of water. When loaded with its required T8 tubes, you can expect a powerful 10,000 lumens of omnidirectional light. Choose this top-quality Dextra light for use in tunnels, workshops, utility areas, factories, boiler rooms, shower rooms and garages.

4. On the up!

Coach Wall Up Lantern with PIRThe ASD Coach Wall Up Lantern offers great value for money, with its high-quality weatherproof construction and included PIR motion sensor. The sensor automatically triggers light when it detects movement within a 6-metre 110° range. By linking this lantern to other fittings, several lamps are controllable by the same PIR sensor. The sensor can be overridden for manual operation. A ‘Quick Fit’ system enables fast installation and reduces the likelihood of error. Also popular is the similarly specified ASD Coach Half Lantern.

3. Two way lighting

Riga Wall Light
The Riga Wall Light produces an attractive up-and-down pattern of light. It comes complete with halogen GU10 bulbs, which is replaceable with LED retrofits if desired for improved energy efficiency. An IP44 rating denotes rain resistance. The Riga is a great choice of light for contemporary commercial or residential environments.


2. Another brick in the wall

Mono LED Brick LightThe Mono LED Brick Light perfectly occupies the space of a normal house brick. An IP65-rated luminaire, it is dust-tight and resistant to jets of water. Offering great value for money, this dedicated 2.16W LED luminaire is ideal for lighting patios and pathways outside any domestic or commercial premises.

1. A tale of two locations

Take a closer look at the Ground or Wall-mountable - GL7- LED Spotlight - Warm-WhiteThe Deltech GL7 LED Spotlight – Warm White is our most popular outdoor light, perfect for accenting garden features such as shrubs, grasses, statues, and rockeries. Superbly manufactured with a lacquered aluminium casing, this dedicated LED luminaire is dust-tight, resistant to jets of water, attractively priced, and economical to run.

So there you have it – the rundown of our current top 10 outdoor lights – we hope it helps guide you in your search for the perfect outdoor light for you. If you are looking for more options why not take a look at our full outdoor lighting range.

Alternatively if you want some more useful ideas why not check out our Lighting Advice section.