Solar garden lights – ideal for entertaining

Low-priced, easy to install and free to run, solar garden lights are increasing in popularity. Most of them use LED technology, mainly because it needs very little energy. For homes and hospitality settings, creating an attractive night-time garden has never been more affordable or eco-friendly.

Making the most of summertime

Sunny days in Britain are never assured, so when they occur we all seize the opportunity to relax. Maybe we’ll have friends round and enjoy a little something to eat and drink outside. These are moments to savour. As day drifts into night, solar lights keep the social mood going without extra expense. With no mains leads to consider, they can be positioned almost anywhere.

For hoteliers or pub owners, good outdoor lighting is often vital; it provides extra income potential. Extending the summertime mood into evening is easy with the right choice of lighting, and what better choice than one that captures the sun’s energy?

Free Lighting All Year Round

Contrary to common belief, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight in order to work. While it’s true that sunshine makes recharging quicker, solar lights still function in cloudy weather. Many have a manual override switch, which lets you turn lights off when not needed and preserve the battery charge. This also preserves the lifespan of the LEDs or other light source.

Solar Garden Lights – choosing the right products

Garden lighting should suit the style of the property, if a specific style exists. By highlighting features of the garden, you’ll add mood. Lighting darker areas makes a garden more welcoming and creates a greater feeling of space.

A patio or decking area can be bordered by a series of stake lights which can come in kits of 4 and offer great value for money. These are useful for decorative effect or to highlight edges for safety purposes.

A more powerful wall or fence fitting is a good choice for functional outdoor lighting. You might use this to light a table.

For decorating trees, Solar String Lights fit the bill. These sparkling lights create a relaxing mood in any garden. They are also ideal for use around fences, walls, trellises, gazebos and hedges.

LED Outdoors

Aside from being energy efficient and long lasting, LED-based solar lights are resistant to shock and vibration and work flawlessly down to about -20°C. This technology is tougher than rival light forms and perfectly suited to outdoor use.

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