Outdoor lights – to make your house look great

All outdoor lights need to be resistant to bad weather, but that is their only constant attribute. Outdoor lighting is diverse in design and purpose. Some fittings are traditional in appearance and others modern. Some blend subtly into their surroundings while others draw attention, and there are even those that manage both. This article looks at outdoor lights that enhance your home exterior, one way or another.

Flexible lights

LED flexi strips are thin strips of LED lighting with an IP65 rating, which means they’re protected from dust, rain, and low-pressure jets of water. Although they come in strips of 5m, with each strip holding 300 LEDs, they can be snipped into 3-LED segments for precise customisation.

Available in various static colours, LED strips also come in RGB colour-changing form with a remote control for easy operation. The strips are backed with a strong 3M adhesive and can be discreetly installed around decking areas, porches, verandas, gazebos or fences.

Flexi strips are powered by a separately available driver. This will need a suitably high IP rating if it is to be positioned outside. The Deltech 30W IP67 Sealed Driver is sealed against dust and rain and has a sufficient maximum load to drive 6 metres of flexi strip.his ;exi S fences, for a vivid


A concentrated light that illuminates rather than decorates is the traditional floodlight. Although floodlights are often perceived as power-hungry, modern LED or fluorescent models use a fraction of the energy gulped up by halogen counterparts.

Floodlights offer an effective means of lighting buildings and structures and are useful for displaying garden landscaping features or dramatically illuminating large trees.

The Deltech Shatter Resistant 30W LED Floodlight is a fine choice for lighting homes, with a warm white light that creates a welcoming feel. Cooler white ‘daylight’ floodlights can also be used, but have a slightly starker effect that might be preferred for security applications.

Another brick light in the wall

A brick light fits neatly into the standard space occupied by a brick. It offers a discreet way of lighting paths or driveways by brick walls. Tile lights are similar to brick lights but used more diversely, as they are not of a standardised size. Both light forms are useful for lighting at low heights and in narrow spaces without creating obstruction, and they add visual appeal to exterior walls. Numerous tile and brick lights are featured on our website.

The Eterna Mono Low Energy Brick Light is available in low energy fluorescent and LED versions at roughly the same price. Though the LED model is markedly more energy efficient, the whole unit must be replaced at the end of its lifespan, whereas the low energy brick light uses a replaceable bulb. The LED option does have a long 18,000-hour lifespan, however, against the average 8,000 to 10,000 hours of a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp). Both fittings give great value for money and consume much less energy than filament lighting.(18,000 hours in the LED model, to brick buildings

Brick lights are always sealed against rain and are sometimes suitable for jet cleaning with a low-pressure hose. The latter requires a minimum IPX5 rating (e.g. IP65). Tile lights sometimes have even greater water resistance because of their varied use. The Stratford Recessed Square LED, for instance, can be immersed to a maximum depth of one metre and used in garden water features. A cheaper choice like the Milan LED Tile Light protects amply against dust and rain for regular wall installation.

Lighting an entrance

Wall lights alongside a front door needn’t be as inconspicuous as brick or tile lights. The light will usually be positioned at eye level and intended to create a welcoming effect. The Ivela Festa Opal Wall Light offers one affordable possibility for any modern home and has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate diffuser.

Nordlux products are superbly manufactured and come with exceptionally long anti-corrosion guarantees. Those made from galvanised steel are suitable for coastal use, the Luxembourg PIR Wall Light being an example. This has a PIR motion sensor, which automatically triggers light when it senses movement.

A visible address

Sign lights are useful for making building numbers or names clearly visible. The JCC Marquis is a traditional fitting with an elegant ‘swan neck’ design that directs light back on to a wall. A more contemporary choice is the SLV Myra Straight Arm Sign Light. This can be optionally fitted with an LED GU10 to reduce running costs and bulb-changing frequency.

Standout lighting

Some of the most striking outdoor luminaires are floor lights that double as statement furniture pieces. The Lodi Exterior Floor Lamp is ideal for lighting a patio or decking area. Outdoor floor lamps are a contemporary idea, but they still come in traditional standard lamp style. For example, the Lucca Exterior Floor Lamp looks like a regular shaded floor lamp, but is IP44 rated for its resistance to rain.

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